Spa Ellipse

The Spa Ellipse is a fully programmable aerosol air freshener designed to satisfy the needs of both service professionals and end users. The unit features unrestricted personalized settings with 7, 14, 20, or 30 minute, 12 or 24 hour, and 5 or 7 day options available. Details such as the Spa’s large, angled easy-view LCD screen, and intuitive software make programming straightforward while its unrestricted can usage range helps cut consumable costs.

Spa Ellipse uses two D-cell batteries.

Smooth programming

  • Large, angled, easy-view LCD screen for easy viewing
  • Practical service intervals shown in weeks
  • Minimal 3-button keypad for easy program selection

Smart choices

  • Range of personalized settings to suit any location
  • Unrestricted can usage range
  • Quick program change

Skilful service

  • Optional screensaver – choose screensaver to hide days left until next service
  • Automatic keypad lock for added security
  • Optional low battery alarms – visual and audible

End-user satisfaction

  • High quality fresh, modern, and effective range of fragrances


  • Aerosols comply with 75/324/EEC & 94/I/EC, the Aerosol Directive and Amendment
  • Aerosol consumables are labelled to comply with the Control of Labelling and Packaging Directive 172/2008

Customised Finishes

The washroom plays an important role in portraying the image of an establishment. The Ellipse dispensers are available in a range of premium finishes, which means that the washroom can be equipped with an attractive set of matching units.

We have custom inserts in four colours (red, white, turquoise, and beige) and four patterns (water drops, carbon, metal, and wood).