Feminine Hygiene Services

Intima’s development was a response to market demand for aesthetically pleasing, robust, and serviceable feminine hygiene units.

Available in a compact 23 litre model, Intima feminine hygiene units combines large waste holding capacity in a sleek, modern, and compact design with minimal floor obstruction. It is usable for liner exchange service and embody exceptional functionality, quality, and unique service friendly features.

Ease of service

  • Innovative reversible cover eases location in cubicle
  • Designed throughout to minimize dirt traps
  • Flexible liner system for easy liner fitting

Maximum hygiene

  • Foot pedal/electronic no-touch models for hands-free operation
  • Snap in/out protective flap inset

For extra hygiene

  • Reinforced drawstring “easy closing” bin liners
  • Germicidal powder sachets